This year in August, we had a pleasure to host a group of Finnish mink breeders in Poland. In Poland, as well as in Finland the fur production plays an important role in the economic system. Because of that we can mutually support and inspire each other in that field. The group came to Poland to visit Polish mink farms and also to see our country.

The adventure started with the group from Finland arriving at Warsaw Chopin Airport. The group was greeted by our pilot and interpreter. Because the weather was great, our mood was optimistic as well. We left Warsaw and drove to the city of Poznań located in the west part of Poland. The group met there Mr. Herman Noordman – the representative of the Polish Association of Breeders and Producers of Fur Animals. The group and Mr. Noordman talked about mutual experiences with hot tea and delicious cake. Mr. Noordman also related to the current situation in the fur industry in Poland. Exchanging the experience is always very fruitful. We finished the first day with a gala dinner in the restaurant Bamberka – one of the best Polish restaurants here.

The next day was full of business meetings. We started our day from visiting the mink farm managed by Mr. Krzysztof Pioszyk. Fur production is a very controversial topic both in the world and in Poland. InConventus Group as a company operating in the agricultural industry works very hard to support modern farms that treat animals possibly in the most humane ways. So it was not easy for us to choose the proper farms – we selected the most modern ones where animals have the best living conditions. Mr. Pioszyk’s farm consists of 13 000 silver blue, brown and pearl minks. Feeding machines here are produced by Twinca.

After visiting the farm, Mr. Pioszyk showed us the company Nutrex that started its work in 1990 and now it is one of the best Polish company that produces furs. After this intensive day, it was time to relax. The group went to the restaurant Wilson to eat tasty food and rest in a nice atmosphere.

The third day was full of educational elements as well as entertainment and started from visiting another mink farm managed by Mr. Adam Domagała. The size of the farm is 4,5 ha and there are 70 000 of silver, brown, mahogany and pearl minks. There are also 25 000 double cages. After visiting the farm it was time to see the city of Poznań. The group was shown around by the most interesting monuments of Poznań. This day also finished with a wonderful meal – this time in the restaurant Papierówka. The group stayed there until the very late evening because it was our last chance to spend some nice time drinking good wine and talking.

Next day, just after filling breakfast, we started our trip to Warsaw. Similar to the previous days, the weather was fabulous. We met our guide by the Chinese Embassy. We were toured around Warsaw – it is the city that played an important role in history, but it is also a really modern place which has amazed our guests.

Unfortunately, after visiting Warsaw, it came time for a farewell. We said goodbye to our Finnish friends on Warsaw Chopin Airport. We hope to meet them also next year.